About Us

Christmas tradition is important to all of us!


“O, brad frumos” family of Christmas tree stores and online shop was founded on the simple premise of striving to design the best artificial tree at high level of value and realism. As a company, we are a tight knit group of passionate individuals that simply loves Christmas, the business of putting a smile on a customer’s face, and enjoying what we create and represent every day.

Our company started in Maramureș, where the fir trees are towering and Christmas is usually full of snow. We grew from year to year and we moved to Cluj Napoca. From here, we transposed our story online and set out to grow even more beautifully. In other words, we set out to be socially responsible and greener than the artificial fir trees we sell.

We are not about just selling artificial Christmas trees, but selling the best Christmas trees available that will create memories and inspire tradition in your home. We love Christmas because it reminds us about the important things that are so often overlooked in our lives like family, health, and the little things we take for granted each day.

Why choose our Christmas tree ?

We set the standard for what customers expect when shopping for the perfect artificial Christmas tree online. Thousands of satisfied customers have chosen us as their source for everything Christmas!

  • First of all, you will save a natural fir from cutting;
  • You won’t find yourself vacuuming up loose pine needles until Valentine’s Day.
  • You will not have fir needles in the house, our firs do not shake;
  • You will have a special Christmas tree that you will be able to use for years;
  • You will save on the annual expenses allocated to Christmas;
  • You no longer think if the support matches the tree you are buying, the support is included;
  • You can do a good deed by recycling or donating the old Christmas tree.
  • You can easily get whatever style you like without having to search the local tree farm in the cold.

What can you miss if you don’t buy an artificial Christmas tree from us?

  • You will not enjoy a rich fir tree, with many branches on which to place ornaments;
  • You will not be able to place the globes perfectly without leaving the branches;
  • You will have many fir needles to vacuum daily;
  • You will spend money every year for the Christmas tree;
  • You will not have a beautiful Christmas tree, forever green.                                                                                                      


Be part of the community “O, brad frumos!” and enjoy greener, more generous, more socially responsible and more beautiful Christmas trees!

You can find us again this year in Cluj Napoca at Vivo Shopping Center, in the network of Auchan stores from all over Romania and online we are present through www.obradfrumos.ro